We are a church with a purpose and a vision. 

 Solid Rock Church was birthed on Oct. 2nd, 1994 in a storefront building in Gardendale, AL. The first service had less than 10 people in attendance, but we knew that we had received a mandate from God to establish this new work. 

 As SRC grew we were forced to move to other locations.

  • In 1995 we moved to what we call the “little white building” in Trafford, AL.
  • In 1997 we moved to a much larger location in Blount County.
    • Our (Locust Fork area) location was actually an old Hay Barn.
    • The people of our church turned this Barn into our Sanctuary and Classrooms!
    • After 7 years in the Blount County location, we sensed it was time for another major move. 

 From the very beginning Pastors Larry and Sandy had always wanted to move to the city of Pinson, AL, but no buildings were ever available. That is until we realized the “Old Rock School” was for sale. 

 The Old Rock School was a historical building. Parts of the facility were built in 1921 by local residents. After many years, the buildings began to become neglected and finally in the late 1980s it was closed down. The Jefferson County School Board decided to tear the buildings down. But the community rose up and saved The Rock School from demolition.

 The leaders of SRC believed we could “restore” and “rebuild” this great facility and bring it back to its prominence in the community of Pinson.  It would be the greatest test of faith and dedication in our first 10 years as a congregation. For the next 14 months the congregation of SRC worked 5 and 6 days a week to restore the Old School.

 Soon after our first service in 2004 we began to experience immediate growth. SRC began to turn its attention to the needs of our community.  From the beginning we have emphasized that we are not here to “compete” with anyone, but rather to help “complete”. SRC promotes “Unity in the Community” in some way every week in our services.  We encourage our people to get involved in “community clean up days, food banks, or anything they can to help our city and those in need”.

 In 2013 we began a “faith” journey that would stretch us even further. An opportunity to purchase a 90,000 square feet facility sitting on 18.5 acres arose. Once again, we didn’t know how we were going to do it but we knew that God had told us it was time for the move. Through miracle after miracle the Lord put His favor on our church. On Oct. 17, 2013 we closed on our current facility.

 This facility will enable us to finally fulfill many dreams we have only been able to talk about and say “one day”… Now, we can actually start the process of planning our future Preschool and K-12 School as well as our Ambassadors Bible College and many others.

 We hope you decide to join us on this journey!